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The TJB offers a writing space, a temporal point, where in the general sense, evidence-based learning takes place from the interactions of the teacher, the student, and the environment within which we all operate (Trank, 2014). As Kepes, Bennett, and McDaniel (2014) suggest, the TJB, “focusing on the production and dissemination of practically relevant and actionable knowledge” (p. 446) will give life to the written words. … Read Full ArticleSilver Pen Regular

TJB Volume 02

This issue reflects both the diversity and the unity of ACBSP. Our diversity is represented in the pages by the various disciplines represented, the geography of our authors and the diversity of thought. Our unity comes from a singular focus on continuous improvement so we can better serve our students. … Read Full ArticleTJB Volume 02

TJB Volume 03

Welcome to our third issue of the The Transnational Journal of Business! I hope you will find this year’s issue informative and interesting. The work presented here reflects the incredible caliber of ACBSP faculty and the programs which support them. Our acceptance rate was approximately 25% this year, another signal of how competitive the environment is among our ACBSP members. I would be remiss if I did not also thank all of those authors who submitted manuscripts for review, whether their work was published here or not. … Read Full ArticleTJB Volume 03

TJB Volume 04

The Transnational Journal of Business continues to thrive because of your support, the incredible scholarship of our authors and the thoughtful comments and suggestions from our dedicated reviewers. In the coming months we will work to increase the visibility of the journal to include, hopefully, listing in SCOPUS and other, recognized indices to help further reflect the quality of work presented in these pages. As a reminder, ours is a double-blind peer review process, meaning the author does not know the reviewers, nor do the reviewers know the author. We take very seriously our obligation to a process guided by ethics and integrity. I think you’ll agree the result is a high quality journal reflective of our outstanding member schools and programs and their Faculty. … Read Full ArticleTJB Volume 04

TJB Volume 05

This is our fifth annual edition, a significant milestone for our young journal. It goes without saying this year has been challenging for all of us, given the Covid 19 virus and ensuing shutdowns around the world. Thankfully, our work continued without too many bumps and once again, the quality of submissions was extremely high. Our acceptance rate was about 25%, a sign of the rigor and quality of your journal.

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TJB Volume 06

The ACBSP Scholar-Practitioner Publications Committee is proud to release the sixth volume of the Transnational Journal of Business. The six articles featured went through a rigorous double-blind, peer review process prior to final acceptance for publication.

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TJB Special Issue 2020

The TJB Solicits Essays on the Theme, Reflections on the COVID Crisis—Transitions from Classrooms to Quarantine. Selected essays will become part of a special issue of the Transnational Journal of Business (TJB) to be published in Fall 2020. Possible topics include technology challenges and solutions; pedagogical strategies; student challenges and perspectives; emotions and adjustments.

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